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John C Bird

Author and Playwright

Thank you for visiting this Internet site, which gives a brief summary of some of my ouput and information on obtaining copies of items mentioned.


By way of introduction, I am a member of the Society of Authors (UK), the Hemingway Society and other writers' organisations, and my published and broadcast work ranges from poetry, plays, television comedy material and short stories to journalism, including travel writing, and non-fiction books.


My professional experience has been in journalism, public relations and education, based in the United States, Canada and Cyprus as well as the United Kingdom. Employers have included daily newspapers in the UK and Canada, the UK Government Information Service, a major scientific research organisation, and a British university. My academic background includes a PhD in History from the London School of Ecnomics.



'THE ANIMALS HAVE THEIR SAY' is a new collection of poems in which the thoughts and opinions of an eclectic group of animals from around the world are imagined and expressed in rhyming poems. The outspoken animals include the world's longest venomous snake, a dinosaur that starred in Hollywood films, and the smelliest creature of them all. The animals reveal themselves as proud, humble, humorous, sad, philosophical, even religious. All have something interesting to say. Published by, the book is available from Amazon and other online retailers and can be ordered at high street bookshops, price £3.99 ($5.65). ISBN 978-1-78697-333-7. 





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